• Research Uptake

    Ensuring research is used effectively and taken up by those who need it whether in policy, business and indeed the public has never been more important.

Whether you are an academic looking to boost the impact of your research, or a research manager looking to strengthen research uptake systems at your university, this guide is for you.

Drawing on lessons from the Development Research Uptake in Sub-Saharan Africa (DRUSSA) programme, this guide is designed to support active researchers and research managers to apply good practice in research uptake in their academic and professional work.

1 About the Guide: Read an introduction to the guide, and navigate the complete table of contents.

2 Setting the sceneThis section focuses on planning strategies to ensure that research being undertaken is utilised.

3 Essential skills for early career reseachersTaking a planned approach to research uptake allows researchers to be involved.

4 Essential skills for research managersThis section focuses on a strategic role in planning and strengthening research uptake.

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